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Epic Radio was set up by a group of DJ's and Presenters from the old 80's London Pirate Stations. (JFM, LWR, Solar, Invicta, Kiss and the recently closed down United DJs Radio. They banded together to bring back the music you love and want to hear, unlike the regular FM stations that play what they are told. We hope that you like the programming and the prenenters. Enjoy your listening on Epic Radio.
The World's Favourite Music Station.

We have updated our website to include a membership portal where you can listen to previously aired shows, specialist shows produced from our presenters and a group chat portal to chat with our Live DJ's and fellow listeners. 

Coming Soon

Epic Radio and WOW Media Group are combining forces to bring you a new and exciting listening platform. Imagine Spotify or Deezer, but take it to the next level. Not just make your own playlists, but listen to 1000's of hours of on demand shows for all genres, Catch up from Epic Radio presenters, Podcasts, Live and recorded Concerts, Interviews from Artists and so much more!!!
WOW will be a subscription service and you can register now and get a free month when it launches.
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All Shows are in Local Time (Your time Zone where you are Located)


Alan Matthews
Bob Le Roi
Daniel Smith
DJ Illusion
DJ Lorenzo
Eddy Edmondson
Emperor Rosko
Freddy Cannon
Geoff Dorsett
Graham Gold
James Denmead
James Ross
Jo Lucy
John Freeman
John Patton
John "The Rock Doctor"
Ken Michaels
Kevin Sweeney
Kenny Tosh
Max McGill
Mike Read
Paul Brady
Peter Antony
Rasta Stona
Rockin' Rodge
Ron Tom
  Russ Horton  
Shaun Tilley
Simon Tate
Steve James
Stevie B
Tina E. Clark


(Only Available when there is No Live DJ)


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